16-30May07 Europe to www.aias.us

Subject: 16-30May07 Europe to http://www.aias.us
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 03:52:56 EDT

There was the usual intense interest from the best of the European higher education sector all accross Europe. Many visits from the Welsh Assembly, Welsh Office and London Govt. This suggests clearly that the current physics establishment is isolated and irrelevant to the general public and indeed physicists themselves. Here * denotes multiple visits.

TU Vienna, Austrian Education Highway, Fortis Belgium, Plovdiv Bulgaria, EPF Lausanne Switzerland, Univ Zurich Switzerland, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic*, NFO Czechia, Sloane Czechia, Palacky University Czechia, Vslesy Czechia, Arbeit Sagentur Germany, German Aerospace Centre, Einsundeins Germany, Leitstern, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research Heidelberg, TU Berlin, Bayreuth, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark, Lleida Spain, Ovi Spain, Polytech Univ Madrid, Jyvaskyla Finland, Oulu Finland, AC Amiens France, CNRS Grenoble, French Atomic and High Energy Lab. (in2p3), Poitiers, Forthnet Greece, HOL Greece, Otenet Greece, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Alenia Italy, CSI Piedmont Italy, Italian National Laboratory of the INFN Frascati, Mecaer Aerospace Italy, Turin Polytech, RUPA Italy, Italian Telecommunicatiosn Society, International Institute of Theoretical Physics Trieste, Bologna, Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands, Leiden, Utrecht, Oslo City Government Norway, Univ of Warsaw Mathematical and Computational Facility Poland, Polytechnic University of Warsaw, Silesian University Poland, Mokotow Plaza Warsaw, Aveiro Portugal, Astral Romania, CNE Energy Romania, Nyagan Govt. Russia, State Marine Technical University of St Petersburgh Russia, Umu Sweden, Utfors Sweden, Uppsala Sweden, Agricultural Univ of Slovakia, IHEP Russia, Suleyman Demirel Univ Turkey, Kiev Ukraine, Aberystwyth, Exeter, Univ Glamorgan Science, BAlliol College Oxford, Worcester College Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sussex, Univ College London, Welsh Assembly*, Ceredigion County Council, Energis British Government, Welsh Office.

Civil List Scientist

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