Evans / Pelkie Animation

Subject: Evans / Pelkie Animation
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 01:06:24 EDT

OK no problem, I have been doing a load of that recently. What tape is it on, VHS etc or on a digital vid cam tape?

Sent: 30 May 2007 06:28

Subject: Re: Thanks to Rob Fell

Sure, hope that all is well with John and yourself. I do have a couple of things that need to be done, e.g. translating the video on to DVD.

This is good news! It is on VHS (Ampex 189 broadcast videocassette T30) in PAL format for Europe. It would be optimal if about five DVD copies could be made because I wish to send some out. I own the copyright on it and it is entitled “Laser Effects on Molecular Dynamics of Optically Active Media”. You viewed it here with Gareth Evans. The idea is to put it on Google and cross link to _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . This is because it is too big for _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and will overload the server if put on direct. It was made with Chris Pelkie, now Director of Visualization at Cornell Theory Center, and won hono(u)rable mention in an IBM Supercomputer Competition for all the US and Canada of the early nineties (see the Omnia Opera for a published account of it).

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