Direct Correspondence

Subject: Direct Correspondence
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 03:25:01 EDT

This is quite civil and easy for you to respond to Myron. Not sure if you want to do this directly or through the journal ?

Best, Gareth

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:39:00 +0200> _________________________________________________________________ Invite your mail contacts to join your friends list with Windows Live Spaces.. It’s easy!

Dear Dr Hehl,

These remarks are obscure. I will have a look again at your Eq. (85), which is what you claim to be a generalized Einstein equation. What relevance has this with ECE theory? I see no purpose in your summary of my theory, I have alredy summarized it in numerous flow charts of equations, appendices and so forth. The physics world has split now into ECE theory and standard model theory. This is a continuation of the Einstein Bohr dialogue. MY reply to you has been posted on _www.aias.us_ ( and read many times by the colleagues worldwide. No one at all has indicated to me that he agrees with you. Also, the citations that you ommitted are replaced in my reply. If you wish to add further material to your comment I must be allowed to add further material to my reply. On what precise objective or mathematical grounds to you assert that my theory is “ever changing”? I believe that this is a value judgement of no interest to science. All of you reamrks hav been precisely and mathematically refuted.

Cordially Yours,

Civil List Scientist.

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