Final Stages of paper 81

Subject: Final Stages of paper 81
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:31:09 EDT

These are to consider the phase of the electromagnetic wave interacting with the electron. This is

omega = x cap omega

where x = ((1 + gamma) + (e phi / (m c squared))) / gamma

and where cap omega is the electron’s angular velocity. The extra static magnetic field changes the cap omega of the electron through the gyromagnetic ratio. The electronic angular frequency is also changed and thus omega of the electromagnetic wave is changed and the phase is changed. This is the Faraday effect for one electron, which has been deduced from the inverse Faraday effect, Q.E.D. The phenomenological treatment of the Fardaay effect is given by in the book by Barron, and depends on molecular property tensors perturbed by a statci magnetic field.

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