European Interest in

Subject: European Interest in
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 09:11:11 EST

This is always very intense in the higher educational sector and similar, averaging about three or four hundred European institutes and universities a month. This shows the strength of Europe (from Ireland in the west to the Urals in the east (and beyond to Siberia) and from Norway in the north to Greece in the south) in theoretical physics. It is four times greater than the US and Canada combined. The interest this month from the US and Canada is almost a hundred universities, institutes, gov. labs., military facilities and similar. This is the normal level of interest now and in the usual course of events a theory attracting such intense interest would be funded and courses taught on it systematically to graduates and undergraduates. So two or three sour old men should not be allowed to stop the younger generation thinking. If this is not mainstream physics nothing is. Since this has been the case for three years now it shows that there is no “controversy”. Also, new ways of publishing physics are being found using the internet. I hope that the ageing standard model editors can also be replaced. If Hehl is anything to go by they have no interest in progress and little or no understanding of the new theory. They then fall back on the old censorship act.

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