USA to feedback activity

Subject: 15-30Jan07: USA to feedback activity
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:06:04 EST

This is the usual half monthly summary of feedback for the higher educational and related sectors, starting with the USA, * denotes multiple visits as usual:

Auburn, Brigham Young, City Colleges of Chicago, Drexel, Georgia Tech*, Grove City College, Georgia College and Stata University, Central Pennsylvania, Harvard, Iowa State, Johns Hopkins Aplpeid Physics Lab., Miami, North Dakota, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Princeton, Penn State, Purdue, Rice, Syracuse, Texas A and M, Alabama Huntsville, UC Santa Barbara, Houston, Iowa, Indiana Urbana-Champaign, Maryland*, Michigan, Minesotta, South Florida, Texas*, Vanderbilt, Wednet, Wisconsin, Xavier, Yale, Fermilab, Hamilton County Ohio, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, National Science Foundation, New York City, Airforce AFSPC, Airforce WPAFB, Navy NMCI, NGA.

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