Plans for Paper 77

Subject: Plans for Paper 77
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 03:12:31 EST

Following the interesting notes from Norman Page I will read up the sites he menitoned on the plasma universe and then realte the transfer of angular momentum in the Alfven Lerner model to the constant torque of paper 76. The constant torque is related to the B(3) spin field of electrodynamics in the simplest instance by:

N(3) (joules) = (mcv / B(0)) B(3) (tesla)


B(3) = B(0) k

So it is necessary firstly to describe the Alfven Lerner model in terms of B(3) then relate the B(3) of the Alfven Lerner model to N(3) with the above equation. This would give the source of N(3) in a plasma model. As usual things will be reduced to their simplest essentials. The constant torque (mcv) introduces the observed constant v of the spiral galaxy’s rotation curve (v versus r). The angular velocity for constant v gives the hyperbolic spiral (theta = constant / r) as in paper 76.

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