Europe and Asia Minor to

Subject: 15-30Jan07 : Europe and Asia Minor to
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:41:02 EST

These included visits from the Bundestag and Parliament, and Welsh Assembly:

HIB Liebenau Austria, Charles Univ Prague, IDC Czechia, JULI Czechia, UPC Czechia, German Bundestag, DENOC Germany, German Synchrotorn Facility, DLR Germany, FGAN Germany, FU Berlin, HU Berlin*, IU bremen, Letstern, LMU Germany, MAx Planck Stuttgart, Max PLanck Dresden, TU Dresden, Augsburg, Bonn*, Cologne, Leipzig, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, UNI-C Denmark, Autonomous Univ Madrid, Ovi, Polytechnic Univ Madrid*, Helsinki, LPN CNRS France, Paris 13, Poitiers, HOL Greece, TEE Freece, BME hungary, PTE Hungary, Weizmann Institute Israel, IGI CNR Italy, IM CNR Italy, INFN Bologna, Polito Italy, RUPA Italy, Calabria, Naples, Pisa, KTU Lithuania, CWI Netherlands, I-P-D Netherlands, Leiden, Radboud, Delft, twente, Utrecht, SDSL Norway, UIO Norway, ICM Poland, PK Poland, WSE Poland, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw, Porto Portugal*, RDS Net Romania, UNCR Romania, DSI Russia, INSI Russia, IRK Russia, NSC Russia, GFF sweden, Gotland Sweden, EDUS Slovenia, Agric Univ. Slovakia, Trinity Cambridge, Applied Maths and Theroetical Physics Cambridge, Cardiff, City, Durham, Imperial, Keele, Lancaster, Leicester, leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, UWIC, Southampton*, Swasnea, Swansea College, BBC, Welsh Assembly, Parliament, NHS, jersey School, Clackmannanshire County Council in Scotland.

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