Complaint against Martyn Shrewsbury

Subject: Fwd: Complaint against Martyn Shrewsbury
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 06:52:10 EST

Royal Anthropological Institute

I wish to make a strong fromal complaint against a man who claims to be one of your Fellows, a man called Martyn Shrewsbury (with several known aliases), whose lamentable record of abuse and lying is available on the blog of I see that “amateurs” are allowed to become Fellows of RAI, presumably those with no academic qualifications at all. Shrewsbury has no known valid academic qualifications apart from an apparently valid undergraduate degree. His qualifications appear to be of the type that can be purchased, and have no academic validity. What class of degree is unknown. In order to gain a Masters or Doctoral degree one normally has to obtain a first or upper second.

Prof. Myron W. Evans, The British Civil List Scientist.

In respect of the attached complaints it is also claimed by “Martyn Shrewsbury” (real name unknown) that he is a member of the Counseling and Psychotherapy Society and the New England Institute of Forensic Hypnosis. The only e mailing addresses I can find from google pertaining to these claims lead to a contact in New Zealand (mail] at [ and the Special Event Amateur Radio Education Group of the R.A.F. In my opinion as The British Civil List Scientist (trained in chemistry, physics and mathematics, but not in psychology) the term “forensic hypnosis” is obscure. It does not have any immediate meaning unless it is some kind of hypnosis procedure used by the police’s forensic experts. This could only be done with the consent of the patient by a person with genuine qualifications. I have never heard of this procedure. There are many scams on hypnosis that can easily be found on google. The person Shreswbury claims to be a member of both of these societies, assuming they exist. The evidence against him is on the blog as per attached. His abuse of the electorate of Gower , especially the people of Mawr Community, is very deeply resented.

Prof. Myron W. Evans, The British Civil List Scientist.

Institute for Stress Management, European Therapy Institute, Hypnotherapy Society,

I wish to make formal complaints to each society as per complaint attached against a person Martyn Shrewsbury, with several aliases. I see that there are many hypnosis scams on the net and the voluminous evidence against Shrewsbury is on the blog of He has described me publicly (on his blog) as a “nutter”. I have never met him and never conversed with him. As you will appreciate, this malpractice and grossly unethical. His practice in Swansea has been described as “totally useless” by one of his former “patients” and no genuine therapist or psychologist of any kind would publicly describe a member of the public as a “nutter”, without any kind of diagnosis having been made. I feel that his practice is an obvious scam. He appears to be some kind of far-fringe politician, and I notice that whenever anyone disagrees with him, they are abused publicly adn almost immediately with obvious disinformation. For example he has persistently abused the Mayor elect of Swansea in this way and grossly offended the local electorate and split his far-fringe party into arguing factions.

Prof. Myron W. Evans, The British Civil List Scientist (appointed by Parliament 2005).

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