Some Further COmments by Dr Eckardt

Subject: Some Further COmments by Dr Eckardt
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 02:30:26 EST

Dear Prof. Hehl:

These are scholarly comments from my colleague Dr Horst Eckardt, who works for the Siemens Company in Munich. There is no way in which your referee’s comments can be accepted by the scientific community – because these comments assert that a hypotheisis cannot be made or tested experimentally, reductio ad absurdum. Nevetheless I am thankful for yoru efforts at finding a referee. In a historical context, all this is the familiar “shock of the new” process which will eventually settle down to a lot of new physics. IN fact ECE is already generating a huge amount of interest. As Horst Eckardt mentions, there are some THIRTY phenomena which have been used to test ECE experimentally. Your refereee is sublimely unaware of the facts on

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans

Attachment: RespJCook.doc


I have gathered now a number of points from your earlier emails and given my comments. For better readability it is in a Word attachment.

Regards, Horst

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