The Gross Hypocrisy of A. Lakhtakia and Wikipedia

Subject: The Gross Hypocrisy of A. Lakhtakia and Wikipedia
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 08:32:20 EDT

In preparing to distribute volume six of my Omnia Opera, I found the following quotes from A. Lakhtakia, (a;ias Wikipedia “Scienceguy”) in “Advances in Chemical Physics”, volume 85(2), edited by S. Kielich and myself, published by Wiley-Interscience in 1992, reprinted 1993 and 1997. On page 353 I quote from Lakhtakia:

“An intriguing use of the formalism presented (i.e. Lakhtakia’s own theory) may be in the exploration of optical nuclear magnetic resonance (ONMR) and optical electron spin resonance (OESR). For the production of these phenomena Evans {179-181} has suggested the use of a circularly polarized laser. The optical conjugate product of the laser may induce an electronic magnetic dipole moment which couples with the nuclear magnetic dipole moment for the ONMR and the electron spin for the OESR spectroscopy. The feasibility of these theoretically predicted techniques is now being evaluated experimentally {182, (Warren work. MWE)}”.

On page 354:

“No funding agency sponsored this work, nor was any requested to do so. The author thanks Myron Wyn Evans for inviting him to write this review article to felicitate (sic) Professor S. Kielich (Poznan, Poland) on an illustrious and productive scientific career that has spanned a score and tens years and more. May his tribe increase! Gratitutude is also due to M. W. Evans for educating the author on several aspects of the chemical physics literature”

This was in the days that Akhlesh was using me to help him get an assistant professorship. As can be seen, he thanks me for educating him and uses his own theory in support, repeat support, of the B(3) field.

This can be contrasted with his attitude as some kind of distinguished professor at Penn State, as follows:

“Their leader earns 1400 pounds p.a. and some disability pension..he rambles in his replies…Sincerely Yours…Morris the Cat Governor of Ruritania….what a lot of garbage, maan!! Don’t you see that people see yoru blog just to laugh at YOU!!! Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!… No Bell Prize, my foot!! Thy blog befits a bufoooooon, maaan!!…To Dust Returneth (The man from Zwanzig!)…”

The nauseating academic hypocrisy of this man becomes as evident as his crude abuse. I have found this academic hypocrisy a few times before in my career, I still remember Hunter running after me into Toronto Airport begging to be given a book contract. I should point out that Lakhtakia never knew Kielich and never read any of his work. Sadly, by the time this volume 85(2) appeared, Kielich had died, but he did see volume 85(1). The Kielich Institute in Poznan is now named after him. So Lahtakia was actually using his own unfunded ideas in SUPPORT of my theory. Who’s the pseudo scientist now?

British Civil List Scientist.

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