Refereeing Procedures at AIAS

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Subject: Refereeing Procedures at AIAS
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 13:03:47 EDT

Yes agreed, Gareth

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Subject: [AIAS] Fwd: PS to GJE >
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 09:29:40 EDT > >

> > >annwvyn76] at [,sean] at [, dave] at [, >manndouglas] at [,HorstEck] at [, rob] at [, >wogeorge] at [,geesquared] at [, >kp.phys] at [,rhodri.morgan] at [, >gemma.smith] at [,phil.o’connor] at [, >roger.evans] at [,ewehoe] at [, >john.hague] at [,chris.holley] at [, >dblake] at [,martin.caton] at [ >
Subject: PS to GJE >
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 09:29:22 EDT >The most popular item on is the book by Lar Felker, later the >popular article by Horst Eckardtand Lar Felker. Then the Wikipedia >rebuttal. This >can be seen on The most popular paper is already >paper 63, (just posted), with graphics and numerical analysis by Dr >Eckardt, then >comes paper 66 on the vector boson rep of the static electric field. 67 >papers >and four books have now been produced on ECE in just over three years. The >physics establishment has not been able to cope with this at all, i.e. is >not >able to judge ECE theory at all, but five million hits have been >accumulated on > alone in those same three years, half a million plus individual >visitors. This means intense peer usage. There is a similar actual peer >usage for > The theory is actually being driven ahead by >chemists and electrical engineers, but with the help of a lot of honest >physicists >who study it properly as individual scientists. The problem is that physics >is >very tightly controlled (when it comes ot ECE) by an establishment that is >clearly incompetent, and by a completely corrupt anonymous peer review >system. ECE >threatens to overhelm string theory, so a lot of dirt is being frantically >thrown by Lakhtakia, a self appointed chief justice of science in our day >and >age. He runs his own supreme court on Wikipedia and is his own prosecutor. >MWE >

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To GJE: Also, the refereeing procedures within AIAS are thorough, the first stage is to distribute notes, which are “electronic seminars”. These notes are throughly read and gone through for any errors. The next stage is to put the notes into manuscript form, with handwritten equations. The manuscript is also combed for errors, and finally posted. The manuscripts are finally typeset into TeX by Franklin Amador. During this process, the typeset papers are proofed several times. Lastly the papers are collected into volumes. So by the time we have gone through all this, the probability of an elementary error is small. Bearing in mind that there are already about two thosuand printed pages of material on ECE, with seevral thousand intricate equations, some typo’s may remain. Even then they are usaully picked up by someone. If a “pseudo-criticism” appears, I rebut it in as much detail as necessary. There has been no genuine criticism of ECE in three years.

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