Prague Spring

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Subject: Prague Spring
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:02:27 EDT

Here is a sonnet published in Britain in my recent book “An Autobiography, Sonnets” (Arima, 2005). Shades of ECE?

Prague Spring (Aladdin Factory, Alltwen, Swansea Valley, 1968)

Beaten minutes, dancing light upon a Dark, machine clad time, the giant hammer Pounds the sun apart; a metallic burst Of photons from the blinding welding torch, And violent child has risen to be man. The stink of tric is all at hand to wipe The greasy lies from prsitine parts of life, Moulded in the press shop in the heat Of Premature Spring. These tanks are small, from them Are built commodities that crush the crowd. In its place, light and time are fugitives, Skeletal, ashen people that avert Their eyes and ears. Now as the shallow tide Of hope recedes, the morning shift begins.

(written in about 1987 in Port Ewen, New York State)

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