Complaint from Civil List Scientist

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Subject: Complaint from Civil List Scientist
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 08:16:11 EDT

Chief Executive, Institute of Physics,

I am the Civil List Scientist (attached credentials) appointed for distinguished contributions to Britain in science. My predecessors in physics and chemistry on the Civil List were Herschel, Dalton, Joule, Faraday, Fairfax-Sommerville, Heaviside, Denning and Airy. I am the author and / or editor of circa 716 papers in over fifty refereed journals and about fifty monographs. Recently I submitted some papers on Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory to the appropriate IoP journals. I tried to select the right journal for the topic of each paper. These are on very differnt subjects, but are based on ECE theory, a generally covariant unified field theory. I am trying to systematically apply ECE to all the main areas of physics and chemistry. ECE is a hugely successful theory which has attarcted about five million hits and well over half a million individual visits to worldwide. We see from our feedback sites that the actual peer usage of ECE is intense and sustained, and has been for three years. So it is time to publish the theory as papers. The theory has already been positively refereed about forty times in “Foundations of Physics Letters”, so it is timely to publish the theory as papers, because letters on important new work should be followed by papers, as usual.

When I tried to do this (in about five papers on very different subjects), they were not sent to referees. I object to this and request that this matter be properly decided by competent referees. I suggested honest and competent referees but my suggestions were ignored. No reason was given for this treatment and no scientific comment made. This episode has had no effect on the actual peer usage of ECE theory (feedback sites of Yesterday for example there were nearly four thousand hits for and 456 visitors – a typical day. I have monitored the actual peer usage of ECE every day for three years, and I have recorded 160 pages full of URLS’s indicating intense interest of the highest possible quality. I have posted this record on

Unfortunately, your publication staff appeared to have glanced at the list of references and decided there and then not to send the papers to referees. This is unacceptable to the entire physics commmunity, and I have already obtained an angry e mail from the US Department of Energy in Washington which is highly critical of the way in which this stunningly successful new theory has been treated.

Surely it is best to consult working referees who actually know something about the details of ECE. This is a new theory which has made an unrpecedented imapct on modern physics. The list of publications refer to ECE theory for the obvious reason that the papers are on applications of ECE theory. I stress that this work has been positively refereed forty times in a latters journal in less than three years.

Prof. Myron W. Evans, Civil List Scientist, AIAS Director.

Attachment: aroyaldecree.ZIP

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