Industrial Development

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From : EMyrone[AT]
Subject : Industrial Development
Date : Tue, 6 Jun 2006 02:39:20 EDT

I will now write up some more of paper 61 – in which graphs of resonances in
the H atom radial orbitals will eventually appear – the first graphs of an
entirely new type of science that takes energy from space-time. This paper will
be in co-authorship with Dr Horst Eckardt of the Siemens Corporation, which
therefore has an industrial edge over competitors in this revolutionary
technology. If fairness of assessment can be achieved in Britain I hope to participate
in this work as an EPSRC Senior Fellow in the University of Glamorgan, or in
some similar salaried capacity. I have been working for science voluntarily
without salary for over a decade and am effectively the most senior British
scientist on merit. CiviL List scientist

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