Bureaucracy Considerations

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From : EMyrone[AT]aol.com
Subject : Bureaucracy Considerations
Date : Mon, 5 Jun 2006 07:55:27 EDT

To John Shelburne, US Navy: I do not think that there is any hidden agenda
against ECE theory in Britain, but there is the problem of bureaucracy and
hidden power in science. The hidden power is in the form of anonymous refereeing.
In the US the Supreme Court has severely criticised this academic refereeing
system as being essentially corrupt, but in Britain the system is still
controlled by anonymous referees who often lack basic competence. I hope that the
British Government can cut through this system, which is similar to the masonic
system in Britain. No Labour M.P.’s are allowed now to be freemasons. If I
applied direct to the EPSRC I would not get a fair hearing judging on past
experience, so I have appealed to the Government to step in in view of the urgency of
the energy crisis. In Wales the system is controlled by half a dozen
individuals, often with little or no real ability. MWE

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