Mass Mailing by Rodrigues

April 15, 2014

CC South Wales Police

From reports coming in from the AIAS group it look as if Rodrigues has been mass mailing wildly pejorative defamation. He has been reported once more to the police here in South Wales. The fact that Campinas allows him to do so brings Campinas into disrepute.

The Wildly Pejorative Waldyr Rodrigues

April 15, 2014

CC South Wales Police

This is further aggravated harassment in the first degree of Victor Riecansky by Waldyr Rodrigues, containing further defamatory and wildly pejorative comments, easily proven to be false. I have already won a case against his companies and himself out of court. There is a complete record of this case. As I have stated on this blog I obtained compensation from my insurance company. I have never stated that I obtained compensation from Rodrigues. This is further disinformation by him. Currently there is another court case against his companies. Here Rodrigues describes Cartan geometry as a pot pourri of nonsense. No such person should be a professor of physics because Cartan geometry is entirely standard and has been for ninety years. I will make another strong complaint against him to Campinas, asking again for his dismissal for academic misconduct. He has already brought Campinas into severe disrepute. Colleagues from all over Brazil frequently study my work as everyone knows from the Book of Scientometrics. So Rodrigues is isolated even in his own country. There are other witnesses to the fact that Rodrigues has maligned them and defamed them in a similar manner. This is intolerable and he should be removed from academia. They have  complained to me about his conduct, they are Profs. van der Merwe, Jadczyk and Amoroso. Rodrigues has been responsible for reams of chronic aggravated harassment for many years. He has come under extensive investigation for suspected fraud (attached “Sign of the Times” article ) and is habitually deeply offensive. He specializes in acting behind one’s back, this time to the CISP publisher. This again is aggravated harassment in the first degree. Here he describes me as suffering from a delirious state. This is evidence again for aggravated harassment and a verbal common assault. The attached letter shows that I have never suffered from any psychological illness. Rodrigues has been spreading this disgusting disinformation for many years, so should be dismissed for academic misconduct and also prosecuted for harassment and verbal common assault. The attached doctor’s opinion shows that he is indulging, yet again, in deliberate misinformation. He has never seen me, and has never talked to me, even by telephone. He is a victim of his own bile. The medical profession would describe him as grossly unethical, and although I have no medical qualifications, he appears to be just a little bit peculiar. The SOTT article seems to indicate that he is just a little bit shady too. The compensation was paid to me out of court by my insurance company after a senior barrister found Rodrigues and his company to be wildly pejorative. He is even more wildly pejorative now. In my opinion Rodrigues should be removed from his academic position and editorial position. He is known to have indulged in extensive harassment of a Vigier Conference by e mail, with the same old rubbish. I have never taken any notice of Rodrigues’ public ranting, and very little notice of his hyper abstract mathematics. The Cartan geometry I use is the same as that used by everyone else. Only Rodrigues thinks that Cartan geometry is a pot pourri of nonsense and all my work is based directly on Cartan geometry. He is partly responsible for the attacks using Wikipedia article and attacks on Sci Topics. He comes from a country with a long history of fascist dictatorship and it is uncertain whether it is a democracy. The fascist method is to repeat a lie often enough. A complete and comprehensive reply to Hehl is given in UFT89. Who is Hehl anyway? In about seven years there have been no objections to this reply. ‘t Hooft has been dismissed out of hand by the profession, which has read my work about thirty to fifty million times in the past eleven years. We all know this accurately from scientometrics. I don’t call people names like “crackpot”, but this is a cracked record – Roddy howling to himself by moonlight.
Irrespective of any argument of philosopohy this conduct and wildly pejorative language amonts to a criminal offence : aggravated harassment in the first degree and verbal common assault.

Glyn Eithrym

Dr. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List pensioner, Scientia Doctor (Wales)
President AIAS

Nobel and Wolf Prize Nominee

In a message dated 15/04/2014 12:02:35 GMT Daylight Time

I received this email this morning do not understand why it was sent to me
Sent from my iPad Victor Riecansky
Cambridge International Science Publishing

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr.” <walrod>
Date: 15 April 2014 10:50:28 GMT+01:00
To: “Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr.” <walrod>
Subject: false statement

Dear truth’s search:

Reluctantly, I feel unfortunately obliged to inform you that in his blog (04/14/2013) Mr. M. W. Evans stated:

….‘’Rodrigues was admonished by a senior barrister as “wildly pejorative”, in awarding me considerable financial compensation out of court, and by legal implication is a product of the lowest kind of gutter, having no scientific credibility. He had falsely accused me of being dangerous and insane, and this disgusted the barrister to the pit of his stomach. I had been sad over the deaths of my parents and some cousins, and loss of my first wife, and this was seized upon by Rodrigues in order to create disinformation. He should also be dismissed from Campinas, and I have complained to Campinas about him’’ ….

I declare here that I never in my life have been admonished by any barrister and I never paid any compensation to Mr. Evans (or to any other person), his statements are false. So he is a liar and/or as stated somewhere suffers from time to time from a delirious state.

Even more, if Mr. Evans can show any valid document proving that I paid to him a given sum of money I immediately will send to him and to any AIAS fellow double that sum.

If someone gave any amount of money to him because of what I wrote, eventually it will be a good idea for all of you who needs money that I will write statements against you. Then you go the Mr. Evans ‘’senior’’ barrister and ask him to obtain a compensation… Of course, I do not want to receive any compensation in doing that.

Moreover, several medical doctors that I know in Brazil and abroad (ten in my own family, including a recently dead brother) never get infuriated by my opinion on Mr. Evans character, particularly to my proved statement that he is a liar and now, with the definitive proof given by his blog article that he suffers from a delirious state of mind.

Please, read with attention the attached document and get your conclusion. If you need additional information, please write to me.

I also declare here that that indeed Mr. Evans made a complaint against me to UNICAMP’S dean of research. He and all other members of the UNICAMP council only laugh a lot, because all know that unfortunately he is no more than a lunatic crackpot.

I also declare that I never act behind the scenes, all I think I write and publish using my name. Moreover, since a long time ago I even did not pay any attention to what Mr. Evans do, but after reading his blog today (after a fellow called my attention) I read many of his last papers and I can again state what I proved on several published papers long ago: Mr. Evans ECE theory is no more than a potpourri of bad use of mathematics and nonsense physics.

To end, here is a proposal which can prove once and for all to anyone if I, Hehl, ´t Hooft and others are right or if he is right. The proposal is:

!supportLists]–>(i) <!–[endif]–> If Mr. Evans and collaborators want to come to Campinas and make a final examination on differential geometry and are all approved I will pay each one US$ 5000 plus living expenses and the air-tickets.

!supportLists]–>(ii) <!–[endif]–> If they fail they must pay me only US$ 1 and of course, will pay for their air-tickets and living expenses. Exam’s questions will be formulated in English with translations in Welsh, German, French, Italian, etc…, if required.

!supportLists]–>(iii) <!–[endif]–>I reserve the right to publish their answers to the exam questions.


Waldyr Alves Rodrigues, Jr.

Professor of Mathematical Physics

Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation


Editor-in-Chief “ Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras”

walrod or walrod

Home page:



April 15, 2014

These are formal requests to the Community Council for double yellow lines, traffic bays and other measures to stop illegal parking. Another offence occurred today about five minutes ago. I observed CV05 TKC pull up outside 46 Rhyddwen Road, promptly parked on the pavement, an elderly woman with long hair got out and entered 46 Rhyddwen Road, so a police letter drop is needed to warn the occupants of 46 Rhyddwen Road. Sergeant Sean Boyle of Banc y Fagwr mentioned to me off duty that he had tried to get people to stop parking on pavements near the school but got zero response. I walked around a bit today and observed plenty of space for parking. So residents park cars on the pavement outside their houses, and have committed hundreds of offences. They have complete contempt for the law, so face prosecution to the full extent of the law. A car park could very easily be built here or garages for hire. The problem is inertia of the County Council.

In a message dated 07/04/2014 16:51:00 GMT Daylight Time, writes:


Thank You for your update,

Having spoken with you at great length, I am fully aware of your concerns and frustrations.

Since we last spoke I have asked my colleague P.C.S.O. ROBERTS to patrol the locality and obtain vehicle details of those concerned that appear to be causing obstruction outside and in the vicinity of your home address.

If any drivers are with their vehicles they are given appropriate advice with regard to any unnecessary obstruction offences that they may be committing.

I have spoken with local councillors and it has been agreed that several locations within the CLYDACH and CRAIG CEFN PARC area are to be visited with consideration to implementing further signage and / or lines on specific roads.

In the meantime my colleagues and I will continue to monitor the locality, speak to drivers and report any offenders if the need arises.

I will monitor the situation and consider the assistance of Traffic Enforcers in dealing with your concerns.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Many Thanks,



Clydach Community Officer,

01792 456999 Extension 67315,

Mobile no. 07805301585



Plans for UFT261

April 15, 2014

This will probably extend the calculations of UFT260 to the generally relativistic fermion equation, and investigate the relation of the momentum Beltrami equation to the fermion equation, but during the course of writing notes for a paper new insights appear. I will also start the work for the book shortly, writing it at the same time as the new UFT papers.

FOR POSTING: UFT260 and Background Notes

April 15, 2014

This is UFT260 on an entirely new theory of parton structure based in the ECE / Beltrami theory. There is a minor typo in Eq. (33), del squared should appear in the first term on the left hand side. This is the usual Schroedinger equation.











Daily Report Sunday 13/4/14

April 15, 2014

There were 2218 hits from 406 distinct visits,spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, softlayer, yandex and seznam. Auto1 82, Auto2 29, UFT85 124, 2D paper 113, UFT88 50, CEFE 49, “Llais” 37, ECE Engineering Model 30, Book of Scientometrics 50, Animations 21, Evans Equations 30 (est), numerous (Spanish), Englynion 18 to date in April 2014. Technical University Vienna Open Letter to Vice Chancellors of the University of Wales, Statement by Stephen Crothers; Library York University Toronto UFT174; University of California Los Angeles UFT25; Sciences University of Metz UFT88; University of Poitiers general; Kyoto Sangyo University Japan Workshop History; Mesh Corporation general; Imperial College London Fifth Definitive Proof, intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for April 2014.

Forfeiture of the OBE for Clifford Jones

April 14, 2014

I wrote to the Honours Forfeiture Committee making a strong complaint about Clifford Jones, who defamed me severely and very maliciously to a number of recipients. He was a Justice of the Peace and Board Member of Morriston Hospital, so he should know much better than to brand someone behind his back, breaching medical and judicial ethics, a severe misconduct. If a medical doctor had done what he did, he would have ben struck off, and would have forfeited his honour. In my opinion he should certainly forfeit his honour. Usually an honour is forfeited for a term of more than three months in prison, for misconduct, such as being struck off, and similar. Jones admitted that a message was sent from his computer describing me as insane and dangerous, but stated that someone had broken in to his computer. This is not credible. This defamation was leaked to Stuart Davies. This episode is deeply disturbing because it is deep malice aforethought, and attempts to brand an innocent party. The worst thing about this is that Jones is allegedly a friend of my family (my late Uncle Raymond Evans). I had never heard of him. With friends like that who needs Brutus? So the standard of public life in Wales is often abysmally low, which is why crime is rampant throughout South Wales. I have had to step in as Armiger to try to control it.


April 14, 2014

The honours forfeiture committtee has no mandate to deal with anything except honours (medals, knighthoods and similar). It does not deal with Peers or the Gentry. I am a member of the Gentry. I have advocated the removal of an honour from a person called Clifford Jones, for spreading crass disinformation. This is all dealt with on my blog, read in 171 countries at present. The point is that honours are almost never forfeited, the Civil List Pension (a high honour and appointment at the discretion of the Sovereign) is never taken away. Otherwise there would be a free for all.

In a message dated 14/04/2014 16:12:42 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

My name’s Roisin – I work at BBC WM based in Birmingham.

We’re doing something on the stripping of Honours. I was just googling and your name came up as a potential contact to talk to.

If you could give me a call on 0121 567 6018 when you get a minute it’d be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


Honours Forfeiture Committee

April 14, 2014

The right contact here is the Honours Forfeiture Committee (easily googled up) in Whitehall. An honour is taken away only for serious misconduct or for a serious offence. Recently there was a controversy when a knighthood was removed from a banker allegedly for losing a lot of money. You can find a list of honours taken away from people on the internet by googling. An honour is never removed for political opinion or any other kind of opinion, that would be a violation of the human rights laws. I will be glad to give you a ring tomorrow.

Glyn Eithrym

(Dr M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., (Wales))
AIAS President

Nobel and Wolf Prize Nominee

In a message dated 14/04/2014 16:12:42 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

My name’s Roisin – I work at BBC WM based in Birmingham.

We’re doing something on the stripping of Honours. I was just googling and your name came up as a potential contact to talk to.

If you could give me a call on 0121 567 6018 when you get a minute it’d be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


Prosecutions for Aggravated Harassment

April 14, 2014

I think that ongoing pressure should be applied to bring criminal prosecutions of aggravated harassment in the first degree against trolls who are known to work behind the scenes. Known trolls who work in this way include Lakhtakia, Rodrigues and Bruhn,who were shills who sent vast amounts of e mail full of defamation, which in plain language is lying. They harassed Elsevier’s Sci Topics, which has tipped me for a Nobel Prize, with the same type of defamation. A remnant of this rubbish is posted on Wikipedia. The latter was used by troll Lakhtakia to attack me personally. Someone unknown to me had posted an entry on myself, troll Lakhtakia as “Science Guy” mutilated the entry. Eventually he was dismised from wikipedia. He also attacked the UNCC administration along with Buckingham. That resulted in the biggest fight in the history of Wikipedia, and I finally got them to remove their personal attacks. I am in thirty editions of the best and genuine reference vehicle, “Marquis Who’s Who in America, World , Science and Engineering” so Wikipedia is often complete prejudiced rubbish and can also brand scientists with shilling – anyone who does not use the standard model. Wikipedia tries to harm careers and funding. Rodrigues was admonished by a senior barrister as “wildly pejorative”, in awarding me considerable financial compensation out of court, and by legal implication is a product of the lowest kind of gutter, having no scientific credibility. He had falsely accused me of being dangerous and insane, and this disgusted the barrister to the pit of his stomach. I had been sad over the deaths of my parents and some cousins, and loss of my first wife, and this was seized upon by Rodrigues in order to create disinformation. He should also be dismissed from Campinas, and I have complained to Campinas about him. Medical opinion is that I suffer from no illness at all except for druidical human sacrifices carried out by appointment only. The Nobel Prizewinner ‘t Hooft is known to have been associated with these shills, and also Friedrich Hehl. Apparently the Penn State police have warned Lakhtakia but did not prosecute him and he has not yet been dismissed as he should be. Trolls such as Buckingham, Barron and Atkins are not immune either. They have frequently tried to misrepresent my work. Atkins is known to be associated with the disgusting anonymous troll “Aaron Vee”,whose troll team has made death threats against me. One of them is Ioan Richard. The troll petition signed by Atkins and Phil Owen (friend of Ioan Richard) has been removed from public view. I think that Phil Owen should be dismissed by the Community Council. These trolls are not immune from criminal prosecution judging by Police Commissioner Alun Michael’s remarks to me recently. Linda Frame, Chair of the Community Council, also described Richard to me as abusive and I have complained about this to the Local Authority Ombudsman. So have others. The identified trolls include Ioan Richard, Phil Owen and Clifford Jones, who transmitted the gutter gossip coming from Rodrigues, word for word. Clifford Jones described me in the exact same words used by Rodrigues, dangerous and insane, and was caught and traced. He admitted that the gossip came from him, but claimed that someone had broken in to his computer and also claimed that as a friend of my family he long admired my work but had never met me and knew nothing about me. So I assume that his computer wrote that message itself. Looks like a schizo shill or a habitual liar, a psychotic disturbance. I have made several complaints against Clifford Jones. Plenty of grounds here for the dismissal of Ioan Richard, who is not the most balanced of individuals. The Community Council can send a formal complaint about him to the Local Authority Ombudsman. He is known to use appallingly abusive language and is trying to force through a ridiculous self serving development of his own land on MA008. This means that Mountain Road will be traffic jammed all day long as they try to force their way over the potholes and up his nine foot wide driveway, bumper to bumper. Many have called him an outright liar to my face, including members of the Community Council. So it is a delightful world, but none of these jerks have had any effect on the huge impact of ECE theory.


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