Discussion of 267(4): Expectation Values of r

July 29, 2014

These tables of yours are world famous by now and will be very interesting as usual! Again these findings appear to be entirely new, and would be very tedious to work out by hand, with high probability of human error because of the complexity. This is a much better approach than that in note 267(3). The basic reasoning is that the fundamental classical hamiltonian H = E = T + V gives an elliptical relation between r and theta in exact analogy with gravitational theory. So expectation values can be worked out for both sides of the ellipse. More generally one might expect the classical result to be a precessing ellipse of electrostatics instead of gravitation, with the Thomas precession giving rise to the precession.

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Subj: Re: 267(4): Expectation Values of r

Most of the integrals for the expectation value seem to be solveable analytically. This gives complicated expressions in epsilon, for example for l=2, ml=0:

I can prepare a table as soon as I have reactivated the Schrödinger orbital functions. Perhaps a plot r(n,l,ml, epsilon) as a function of epsilon would be interesting too.


EMyrone@aol.com hat am 28. Juli 2014 um 13:29 geschrieben:

This note gives the expectation values of r from x and Schroedinger quantization. The results are different from Bohr theory in general and it will be very interesting to calculate them for higher order orbitals by computer algebra, using code adapted from pervious UFT papers.

Discussion of 267(3), Typo’s

July 29, 2014

Many thanks again for going through this note.

1) The first term on the LHS in Eq. (16) is the quantized kinetic energy , p squared / (2m) = (1/2) m v squared.
2) This is a typo, it should be L squared / (2 m r squared) coming from m r squared omega squared, where omega = L / (m r squared).
3) Eq. (19) is dimensionally right, and v can be calculated from it. Basically I am looking for analogies between orbital and orbit theory within x theory, and making a systematic attempt at quantization.
4) The basic reasoning here is that the general orbit is an ellipse, which gives Bohr theory when it becomes a circle. I decided to develop this in note 276(4), which works better. So I will probably not use 276(3) in the final UFT267 but it is a useful preliminary attempt. Eventually I will work your type of quantization in to the problem.

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Subj: Re: 267(3): Relation of x Theory to Schroedinger Wave Functions

Eq.(16) is the standard procedure in solving the radial Schroedinger equation and certainly correct. I wonder why in the first term of the rhs m appears in the denominator. Shouldn’t this be the kinetic energy? And why appears r in the third power in the denominator of L^2 ? On the lhs it is the second power.
The velocity of the Schroedinger orbits can be calculated from eq. 19 (I guess that some factors have to be corrected if p should mean the momentum). Capital P only appears at the rhs if I understand this right.
You derived an expression (27) for the velocity from the elliptic orbit (24). This is not Schroedinger theory so I wonder if Bohr and Schroedinger theory can be intermixed by the calculations (28) ff. Consequently, the result (41) contradicts Bohr theory which would give

r = rB

instead of

r = 2 rB.

In (38) a square seems to be missing from insertion of cos theta sqared.


EMyrone@aol.com hat am 27. Juli 2014 um 14:13 geschrieben:

This note develops the relation between the two theories. For all S orbitals the angular momentum quantum number l is zero, but for p orbitals and some d orbitals and so on l is non zero. For s orbitals the ellipse reduces to a circle, otherwise it is an ellipse. Relativistic effects occur with a precessing ellipse, so there must be a relation between the fermion equation and a precessing ellipse.

Networks in Mexico that can access www.aias.us

July 29, 2014

The most popular network from Mexico is prod-infinitum.com.mx on Netscape Navigator V6. There are many others, for example avantel.net.mx. So if Alex switched to one of these it might work. There is no reason to stay with a faulty provider these days. Alex’s voluntary translation, broadcasting and typesetting work has resulted in a huge permanent following all over the Spanish speaking world: all the countries of Central and South America, with only one exception, one of the Guiana countries. I can see this from blog feedback. The big countries dominate: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico in alphabetical order. There are visits from all the main universities of Spain and Portugal all the time. There are regular visits from all European countries with the possible exception of San Marino, and readers from there may use an Italian system. The only major countries not to have read the blog are Greenland, Antarctica and Iran. I doubt whether there is much demand for tetrads among the Adele penguins or in McMurdo Sound. There have been visits from Iran to the site but not the blog. So old ‘t Hooft is feeling the heat, unless he emigrates to the South Pole, where there will be a warm greeting for him at the Amundsen Scott base. Rodrigues may like to try Northern Greenland or one of the far north Canadian islands, perfect for contemplation in mid winter. Only there will they be free of ECE theory.

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There are reports of issues of connectivity. As Myron mentions they are usually traceable to a specific router in the path a your internet service provider chooses. A friend in Florida could not see his website for two year on AT&T. They did nothing for him, but I don’t know how much or how high he complained. Recently he switched carriers and now has full access.

There may be a way to use a proxy server to bypass the problem. I use an encryption service when connecting my laptop at a hot spot. It routs all data thru their own server which passes it on to the destination. I don’t remember the one I used to use, but hotspot shield looks promising and it free.


Hello Dave

July 29, 2014

The stats did not run yesterday so it looks as if there is an intermittent bug that occurs every two weeks or so. Judging by previous experience they right themselves the next day. I am not sure if anything is actually lost or just recorded a day late. By now it is completely clear that ECE has a huge permanent readership so the old false authority in physics has gone.

PS to Alex Hill

July 28, 2014

Russ Davies is on this group and can advise Ale Hill on how to get around the access problem. It seems that a lot more people could visit www.aias.us if this faulty computer the Mid West could be fixed. The visits from Mexico and Central and South America are steady at a very high level and have been for six or seven years. I think it is illegal to deliberately interfere with access if this is happening. Visits from Spain and Portugal are also steady at a very high level. What I an see in the daily reports is only 2% of the total daily interest, e.g. staff and students from private computers that I cannot recognize. When the students return for the new semester in August and the new term in September there will be the usual increase in visible interest (URL’s that I can recognize). They are always there although on private computers, ipods, phones and so on. The visible interest sustains itself pretty much at a steady level the whole year around, and has done so for more than a decade.

267(4): Expectation Values of r

July 28, 2014

This note gives the expectation values of r from x and Schroedinger quantization. The results are different from Bohr theory in general and it will be very interesting to calculate them for higher order orbitals by computer algebra, using code adapted from pervious UFT papers.


Brythonic Celtic Language

July 28, 2014

Good analysis again by Dr. John Maddocks. This is still the subconscious language of large areas of Britain, Wales, Western Britain from Devon to Cumbria to Strathclyde, lowland Scotland, as far east as the fens of England, London area and so forth. The DNA shows that it goes back six thousand years. However to be realistic as I must as Armiger, (member of the Gentry or untitled nobility of Britain), apply a simple test, try to speak in Welsh to a monoglot here in this area and you are greeted with silence or open hostility. You are only greeted with interest if you ask them whether they want to hear some Welsh, then there is some interest. This very strange attitude has been brought about by hundreds of years of suppression of the language. The Welsh language editor Dewi Lewis and I have noted this several times, even among canvassing supporters of an A.M. who expected his A. M. to be elected while holding the language in total contempt. Edwina Hart herself appeared to have been polite. This is not good enough. So the Government must counter this bigotry by making education in Welsh compulsory throughout Wales immediately, or they will have no language. It is under grave threat and UNESCO has warned of the danger of its imminent extinction as a spoken language. As a fluent and native Welsh speaker (with a very heavy Welsh accent) I can see the language disappearing rapidly. One has to face the facts and fight back with education. It is only a beautiful language if spoken properly in dialect, in my case Silurian. It reaches a peak of elegance in strict metrical poetry and the magnificent prose of Dr William Morgan in his 1588 Bible. Nevertheless there are a lot of people who can speak Welsh fluently in Mawr, including young people. I speak with these almost every day. The problem is caused by monoglot Swansea County Council. For example it imported into Craig Cefn Parc the murderer Dai Morris, who killed four people, including two young children, and set their house on fire. He was also a notorious thief and organizer of thieves. The local councillor Ioan Richard does nothing for Mawr, never has done, and is completely isolated. His views are opposed by the Community Council and by myself as Armiger and he has resigned from the Community Council. I call for his resignation from the County Council, and I would guess that all the Community Councillors want him to resign. The Newlands Family Trust would restore Welsh speaking schools throughout Mawr and protect all the chapels. However that will have to be many years in the future. Then we could also help Gwrhyd.

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The welsh language
The english people regard welsh as a beautiful language. The Mabinogion was translated by an English womann Mrs Guest. She also produced a book on the iron industry. I have been told that the English are the best at doing the Tango, better than those in Argentina. Also The best Bara brith has been cooked by the English. What I see is that welsh people do not want other people to speak their language. In Germany people help you. A German asked me how many words are there in English with sch. And what is nicht ect. This shows that many people in Wales can help a lot with the language by asking good questions.

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The latest feedback is 257,947 views from 171 countries since 1/1/10. The daily averages were 75 in 2010, 112 in 2011, 195 in 2012, 196 in 2013 and 227 to date in 2014. The blog has been available since Dec. 2006 but there were no stats back then. There has been a complete change in the way in which physics is judged. A decade ago it was tightly controlled by a few, now it is judged by all the colleagues without interference by a few dogmatists. So people judge for themselves and the result is overwhelming acceptance of ECE theory. As can be seen by the way in which UFT88 for example has been studied, there is clear awareness of torsion, upon which ECE is based. A decade ago torsion was known only to a few ultra specialists. The most important conclusion from the attached Book of Scientometrics is that censorship is no longer effective. The intellectual high ground in physics has shifted outside of universities and similar. The latter make up only about 2% of the vast total interest. This means that 98% of the interest comes from elsewhere. Probably it comes from staff and students using their own computers, ipods, phones and so on, and visits from all other sectors of society worldwide. The key points to bear in mind about geometry are as follows.
1) There are always two structure equations, one for torsion, and one for curvature.
2) These are always present simultaneously in any type of geometry, and are produced by the commutator.
3) If torsion is zero, curvature is also zero (definitive proofs one to five on www.aias.us).
4) There is no valid or correct geometry without torsion and curvature always being both non-zero.
I have begun tracking papers such as UFT88 and UFT102 and commenting on the universities at which it is read, the latest being Balliol College Oxford. It is studied in total over a thousand times each year. There are many other important geometrical papers to study, and they are summarized in UFT200. There is a much greater level of acceptance of ECE than a decade ago. The entire www.aias.us site has been downloaded hundreds of times, so I assume that people have their own extensive ECE archives built up over time. Essentially every dogmatic standard physics article in wiki is countered by the enlightened Baconian scientists of ECE, this can be seen by a casual glance at Google. The false authority of the dogmatists has simply been ignored. One can stop armies, but not the march of ideas (Victor Hugo). The big names are no longer the big names. The overwhelming majority of standard physicists are sincere people, but there are one or two whackos. These are well known by now and every utterance ignored with a yawn.


Age of the Druids (Derwyddion)

July 28, 2014

Good summary by John Maddocks! The age of the Druids is at least 5,500 years in this area because of the age of the yew trees around the church in Defynnog, dated to 5,500 years, still living, and planted around the Norman church built on the Llan, which in turn was built on a Druid construction of some kind. My ancestral cousin Dewi Sant (St David) was aware of the power of the Druidical opposition. Obviously the Romans did not succeed in oppressing them four of five hundred years earlier than Dewi Sant. They were active throughout Europe and were the intellectuals of their time, every bit as clever as we think we are, in many ways cleverer because they worked with nature.

The Duids teach us:!
Worship the gods. The sun and our great men.
Do no evil.
Practice bravery
This puts Christianity in a nutshell but further and better.
We celts not not kill children!
Best wishes, John

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On 27 Jul 2014, at 13:30, EMyrone wrote:

I am not unsympathetic to alcoholism or with Simon’s point of view, but the blame is clearly with the tobacco and alcohol lobby, and with a money grasping, pastie taxing government. I think that alcoholism will soon have to be treated by denying access to alcohol – preventative medicine. Recently a record high amount was paid out in court to the widow of a victim of lung cancer – billions I think. That should bring the tobacco industry to heel. Government also taxes fuel so heavily that 80% of the cost of petrol (or gas) is tax. In Mawr we see no benefits of central government at all, virtually everything is an assault on our traditions. Council tax is spent on central Swansea, playing around with the road system and empty imagery. People blame the NHS for everything while drinking themselves under the carpet. Swansea has no real economy, I discussed this with Steve Bannister on his visit. At a time of economic stringency alcoholism takes 20% of the work force out of the economy. I just thought I would mention the BMA article.

Checking Note 267(2), Minor Corrigendum

July 28, 2014

Thanks for checking this. The derivation of the laplacian in cylindrical polar coordinates is given in “Vector Analysis Problem Solver”, problem 21-42, pp. 1071 ff. Eq. (28) is Eq. (16) page 1073 of VAPS with the Z coordinates set to zero, giving the laplacian in plane polar coordinates. The derivation is not easy and takes two and a bit pages of algebra. Yes the r sub B should be a denominator in both terms on the right hand side of Eq. (35).

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Subj: Re: 267(2) : Eckardt, Bohr and Schreodinger Quantum Theory from x Theory

These results are interesting. Where did you get the last term in eq.(28)? It does not come out from my calculation (but does not impact the subsequent results).
In the rhs of eq.(35) is possibly is a typo. I calculated the final result (38) by computer. It is correct. One has to use eq.(12) and

alpha_f = k/(hbar c)

which should be mentioned for clarity.


Am 26.07.2014 11:30, schrieb EMyrone

This note shows that the Bohr theory of the atom is the same as particle on a ring quantization with the Schroedinger equation, with

n(Bohr) = m sub l (Schroedinger)

J = n h bar

J psi = m sub l h bar psi

The Eckardt quantization produces waves on an ellipse, and reduces to the Bohr / Schroedinger quantization in the limit of vanishing ellipticity, when the ellipse reduces to a ring or circle. All are examples of x theory, a sub theory of ECE theory. The conical section can therefore be related to the wave function. The conical section is solution of the classical limit of the quantized theories. The orbit becomes an orbital given a suitable quantization scheme. The Eckardt quantization does not need a wavefunction, neither does the Bohr quantization, but both can be related to the Schroedinger quantization as in this note.


Accessing www.aias.us

July 28, 2014

It looks as if this may be a problem with a router in the Mid West of the United States. This was traced by Russ Davies in Miami. There have also been problems accessing the site from South Florida, Mississippi and Texas. The blog is accessible and contains all important information. The other two sites are accessible, www.atomicprecision.com and www.upitec.org, and the British Library archive is accessible at www.webarchive.org.uk. Russ Davies in Miami has suggested an easy way around the problem (see this blog) and has traced the faulty router to the Mid West. This problem is not due to the host company Annexa in Arizona. Russ Davies suggested that several complaints be sent to the company running the faulty router. Essay 11 in Spanish was accessed from Mexico yesterday, and I can see from feedback that the site has been accessed from Mexico by many readers over the past month – the usual intense interest from Mexico. So it is possible that the fault is localized in some way, or that someone is interfering with access by Alex Hill.

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Subj: No response from AIAS server

Hello Dave,

Perhaps you might be interested to know that since early last week there is no way to visit the AIAS website from Mexico. I have tried from several PCs, notebooks, iPads and what have you and the net always responds that the AIAS server has stopped responding. No such problem when reaching many other servers in the US.



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